What is the Best Strategy to Submit an Offer?

The housing market can be very competitive for buyers. The chances of an individual purchasing their dream home can be decreased due to the high number of buyers especially in a real estate market like Las Vegas. These buyers may find themselves presenting multiple offers on the same home. A seller has no choice but to choose the most favorable offer, possibly devastating other potential home buyers. Below are some great tips to Increase your chances of owning your dream home… simply by using these 5 valuable strategies.


1. Be persistent
Continuing on the journey to find a dream home can be bumpy due to rejected offers from a seller. Be the buyer that refuses to give up regardless of offer rejections. Not giving up will ensure that you will eventually find a home that you loved with an offer that is approved.

2. Show strength as a buyer
Multiple pre approval letters and a fully underwritten approval letter can give seller the image that the buyer is solid and good to close the deal.

3. Present a strong offer
Having an earnest money deposit that doubles or even triples what the seller is asking can gain attention. High earnest money deposit shows the seller that you are serious about purchasing their home.

4. Opt to buy above the appraisal rate
The purchase of a dream home may cause a buyer to pay above the appraisal price of the home. This is not an uncommon practice. Everyday buyers are opting to pay above the appraisal rate in order to move into a home that is perfect for them and their family.

5. Help the seller save money
Write in additional terms that you agree to pay certain fees and charges that are usually handled by the seller. Helping the seller to save a couple of dollars in the closing process can be the difference between an offer being approved or rejected.

Make the seller say yes to an offer with the help of the above strategies. For a full list of tips and tricks to successfully submitting offers… contact Jillian Batchelor and The Batchelor Group at 702-823-3801 or visit our website www.lasvegas1realestate.com


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