What Can I Do To Sell My Las Vegas Home Quickly?

You might hear a lot of rumors and gossip surrounding the housing market in Las Vegas. You’ve probably heard that house prices keep dropping, there are fewer buyers than there were in past years and that some homes hit on the market for months without a nibble. While some of those rumors are true, you need to keep in mind that some homes sell quickly and at their asking price. Our team of professionals can show you how you can make your home sell just as fast too.

Don’t Settle for a Real Estate Agent

Many homeowners think that all real estate agents are the same, which isn’t true. When it comes to finding an agent to sell your home, you need to find someone who is more than just an agent. Look for someone who is a marketing guru. Marketing experts can market and advertise your house, making it seem more like a home and less like just another property. The right agent will have the skills and experience to find the right buyer and sell your home at the right price.

Practice Appropriate Pricing

Pricing is the biggest factor in whether your home sits on the market for months or whether it sells within a few weeks. No matter how much work and money you put in to your home, you should know that you won’t get back every cent. A $20,000 kitchen renovation might only add $10,000 worth of value to your home. Look at the prices that similar homes sold for in the Las Vegas area, and find houses that have the same number of bedrooms and bathrooms, features and amenities as your home before you decide on a price.

Utilize Proper Staging

Staging involves making your house look enticing to buyers. Get rid of the clutter, clean the carpets and floors and make the house look liveable. You don’t need to make your home look like a model home, but you do need to make others feel like they could live there. The right real estate agent can introduce you to a professional staging expert, and that expert can get your home ready for an open house.

If you live in Las Vegas and need help selling your home fast, call on Jillian Batchelor of The Batchelor Group for help. As one of the top real estate agents in Vegas, Jillian can help you stage your home, market the property to sellers and determine the perfect selling price.


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