Thinking of buying a new home in the Las Vegas Valley? Make sure you check the schools first!

A successful new home purchase in Las Vegas can improve every aspect of your life and your family’s quality of life. Zoning for better schools in Las Vegas provide your child the best chance of educational success and helps protect your home investment. It is essential to learn about the various schools prior to buying a new residence. Jillian Batchelor of “The Batchelor Group” can assist you in discovering the best schools to meet your family’s needs. An exceptional school will naturally increase the property values of the homes within your neighborhood.

Schools are zoned in a specific way, they are divided by geographical boundaries to create school zones. It is much easier for your child to attend a school located within the specific residential school boundary verses living in another zone, and attending a school located in a distant zone. The complications associated with an out of zone school transfer may take weeks for the full transfer to complete and success is not guaranteed. Often times parents of students must use a nearby residential address of a friend or family member in order to complete the transfer process.

Main Search Methods In Finding The Best Schools In Las Vegas

The two main websites that can assist with a preliminary school district search are the National Center for Education Statistics website and PSK12 website, which provide the tools to search for a district and the top schools within said district. In addition, the “US News and World Report” reveals the top performing schools and summarizes the key factors of test scores, AP course enrollments, and graduation rates. These search methods are excellent and definitely recommended. Jillian Batchelor has an excellent understanding of the Las Vegas area and can provide you up-to-date information, simplifying your search for the perfect school, and residential home purchase.

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