Thinking About Selling Your Las Vegas Home?

Are you thinking about selling your Las Vegas home?
Well the time to do so is now while our inventory levels are still artificially low.

Hello, I am Jillian Batchelor with The Batchelor Group in Las Vegas, Nevada. Legislators in Nevada have passed many laws in the past two to three years like Assembly Bill 284, Senate Bill 300, and Senate Bill 321 or better known as ‘The Homeowner’s Bill of Rights‘ that are now delaying foreclosures.

This delay in foreclosures is artificially increasing our market which is great for those homeowners who are thinking NOW may be the time to sell my home. But this delay in foreclosures won’t last forever!

In fact, we have already seen an increase of upwards of 30 percent in most of the valley, and in certain parts of the Las Vegas valley 50 percent of our home prices. In the most recent three to four months, our market has already cooled off as our inventory levels of homes have already hit an all-time high. Homes are now starting to sit on the market a little longer and even return to normal selling times.

AB 284, which originally went into effect October 1st, 2011 started the collapse of the steady stream of foreclosures of thousands of foreclosures a month. The problem with this was that the law that caused an immediate stop of foreclosures, but not of homeowners defaulting on their mortgages. So nothing fixed the problem.

Next, Senate Bill 300 which was enacted and designed to fix the problems with AB 284, which was short-lived and had little impact and effect because it was followed up by the Homeowner’s Bill of Rights, SB 321. That has since doubled the time frame for a homeowner to be foreclosed upon if they were in default. All of this for the average homeowner who may be looking to sell means insight and outstanding appreciation to their home and much less competition but not for very long. As the notice of defaults for these pre-foreclosure homes are increasing every day.

So, if you’re looking to sell your home for the highest and best dollar possible and are not looking to compete with a foreclosure price, please contact The Batchelor Group today for a customized marketing plan tailor made to your home and designed to capture you the highest net return. We are available seven days a week at or you can reach us via the phone at 702-823-3801.


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