Issues Associated with Home-buying in Nevada

If you are looking for a home in Nevada, but live and earn income in a different state, there can be some issues associated with buying a home. Jillian Batchelor and the Batchelor can help you through those issues to find your perfect home.

With the ability to search for homes online, it is easier than ever to find a listing for what seems like the perfect house for you. Much of the paper work, including submitting an offer can also be handled on-line. Your agent can handle everything on-the-ground including all necessary house inspections, building appraisals, and can even take a video to give you a fuller view of your new home, and allow you to feel comfortable with your purchase before you ever arrive.

Premier Realtor Jillian Batchelor can help direct your every step, all the way to the financing and closing of your home. If you live outside the state of Nevada and need to finance your house, lenders will consider it a second home purchase. As long as you are able to make a 10% down payment and meet the credit requirements, lenders will give you the same interest rate as a first home purchase, though it will come with mortgage insurance. This type of loan requires that the buyer or a family member spends at least two weeks per year at the home in order to qualify. Buyers also cannot purchase another home in the same city without it being considered an investment home.

Depending on the loan programs available, you can purchase an investment home for as little as 10% down payment. Investment homes are still a viable way many Americans are able to build their current and future financial wealth.

The Batchelor Group has served countless investors, from investors looking for their first investment, to those with multi-million dollar portfolios. If you’re interested in a free consultation, please contact Jillian Batchelor of the Batchelor Group at 702-823-3801.


Jillian Batchelor, and The Batchelor Group, consistently rank in the top 250 Realtors in the Las Vegas Valley. With 11+ years in the Real Estate industry, with thousands of pleased home owners and home sellers over the years. Jillian is one of the strongest working Real Estate professionals out there.