Is owning an investment property worth the headache?

Is owning an investment property worth the headache? You bet it is!

The benefits of owning an investment property should be realized both immediately and over time. In the short-term, if you purchase the right investment, you should see a minimum of a net 10% to 15% monthly return, and over the long-term your investment should provide increasing cash on cash returns as well as a high return of capital.

Perhaps you are not quite sure exactly what a cash on cash return is, or in what way a cash flow analysis is calculated. Las Vegas Realtor Jillian Batchelor of The Batchelor Group can quickly explain not only the how, but also the reasons why it is vital to know this information before purchasing an investment property.

One of the first steps on the road to becoming a successful property investor is to have a professional draw up a personalized property profile for you. A good investment starts with finding a property that is the right fit for you and your current circumstances. Some of the factors they will consider in this profile include, the property’s rental history, forecasted vacancy rates, and management fees, among others. Similarly, these factors are very important and should be carefully considered before purchasing an investment property.

Properties, while being a solid investment, do come with their own set of challenges. Some of the occasional difficulties associated with this type of investment are filling vacancies, repairs, and the possibility of having to evict a renter. Fortunately, a good property management company should be able to take care of all these issues that come with ownership. All you should have to do is authorize what needs to be done, and sit back and collect your rental check each month.

Tens of thousands of Americans are building their personal wealth and retirement portfolio through investment properties. Whether you are a first time investor, or just want to add to your portfolio, you should contact the Batchelor Group and let us guide you through the process with your own personalized property profile. We are available seven days a week at 702-823-3801 or on the web at: Now is the time to make your own American dream come true.


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