Important Tips to Consider When Preparing Your Home For Sale

People get first impressions about someone right away from their outward appearance. The same is true for houses and home-buyers. This is known as “curb appeal,” getting your house ready for the market begins with the way it looks from the street.

A home with a well-manicured lawn and trimmed landscaping is much more inviting than one with unkempt surroundings. Check the front door to see if it needs a good scrubbing or fresh coat of paint. Make the necessary outside repairs, such as cracked windows or loose shingles to make a statement that the house has not been neglected.

One of the best tips for showing the inside of the home to potential buyers is to get rid of clutter. Removing any large or unnecessary furniture to a storage unit will help your home appear more spacious. Avoid storing these items in a basement or garage. You will want to show the spaciousness of those as well. If the walls are dirty wash them well. Consider painting dark walls white or a very light shade of color. This make your home look bright and modern. Make the light fixtures sparkle and replace any burned out light bulbs.

Remove family photos and sentimental items. You want the potential buyer to be imagining how their own things of this nature will look displayed in this home. Do leave out a few pretty lamps and decorative ceramics. Have a few generic wall graphics hanging on the walls, nothing of a personal nature. This way the home won’t seem totally stark and unfriendly.

Have any carpets cleaned and stain free, tile floors clean and wood floors dust free and glossy. If the floors are badly worn, consider replacing carpet, tile or refinishing floors. This investment can pay off in the closing of a deal. Make the kitchen and bathroom sparkle. Have kitchen counters clean, and of course no dirty dishes in the sink. Be aware of any bathroom, kitchen or pet odors that need to be eliminated.

Keep your pets contained or better yet, let a neighbors or friends keep them while you are showing your home for sale.

To add to the warmth and atmosphere, have windows open for any cool breezes or nice views
the home may have. If it is chilly and the home has a fireplace, light a cozy fire. In other words, play up any good points the home has.

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