How to Choose the Best Realtor For Your Next Home

When choosing a real estate agent, one of the things to consider is how knowledgeable the agent is in dealing with all the complex events that occur in the real estate market, while handling real estate transactions. This post will provide some tips for three current market trends that could help buyers and sellers deal with current market condition.

The first trend involves appraisals meeting a seller’s expectation in the current Las Vegas market. Often in today’s market appraisals are nowhere near what sellers are looking for as a selling price, even after a buyer has contracted to buy the house for a higher price than the appraised value. This can be a tricky situation, especially if the seller is not willing to come down from the contracted price towards the appraised value. What a qualified realtor will commonly do in this scenario is negotiate with the seller for a lower price which with skilled negotiation will be accepted nine times out of ten. If the seller is unwilling to negotiate, then the realtor can work with the buyer to determine future market trends, say 1-3 months out, then determine if the buyer is likely to make their money back after buying the property back at the contracted price, therefore determining whether it is worth the while to pay the difference from the appraised value on the home.

Secondly, in a seller’s market like the one we’re seeing today, very often homes will have multiple offers on the table. Because there are only three thousand houses in active inventory at any given moment in the Las Vegas market, any sharp increase in demand can bring in a flood of offers on those available houses. This type of high demands for homes is what makes skilled real estate agents like those at The Batchelor Group essential in the negotiation process of getting your offer accepted by the seller. What we do is research exactly how many offers are currently on your desired home. Then we will make a carefully analyze the amount of existing offers on the home Next we’ll look at the comparable market analysis, taking into consideration the automated market value to come up with a price that we think you as a client, our buyer, should offer for the home in order to get the best chance of getting your offer accepted.

Because we are well-networked in the Las Vegas real estate market we can also often work closely with a selling agent to let them know why your offer is the best offer. Oftentimes the highest cash offer isn’t the best one due to difficulties with closing. And we can work as an advocate for you as the buyer to make sure your offer is carefully considered and accepted. Currently, we are fortunate enough at The Batchelor Group to have a 92% acceptance rate for the homes we work with our clients to make offer on. If for some reason we can’t get your offer accepted, another thing that we have the ability to do is find other comparable inventory available for purchase.

Finally, in a market of such high demand as the Las Vegas market has become, it is important to know how inventory can be located by an agent to get you the home you so desire. This is one of our fortes at The Batchelor Group as we are known for going to any length to get the inventory we need for our clients. There are several avenues for finding homes coming on the market such as multiple listing service, Craigslist, For Sale By Owner sites, For Sale By Owner listings, as well as networking with folks that we know. Right now we have a Rolodex of over two hundred and fifty potential sellers that might be looking to sell their home. We will personally contact each and every one of those clients if it means finding you a home. We are also not beyond doing some door-to-door knocking to find you a home in the particular community you desire. Additionally, we can implement searching techniques such as mass mailers or email campaigns, essentially whatever it takes to find you the right home. We know that there is plenty of competition from the multiple listing service, so we don’t just rely on one, we go above and beyond even to the extent of locating homes that have not hit the open market yet.

We hope these tips on choosing a Realtor and information on changing market trends will help you in choosing the best real estate agent for you. We think that choice is The Batchelor Group and hope you will consider us in any of your real estate needs. Please call us anytime day or night at 702-595-8036 or you can visit us on the web at We look forward to talking to you soon!


Jillian Batchelor, and The Batchelor Group, consistently rank in the top 250 Realtors in the Las Vegas Valley. With 11+ years in the Real Estate industry, with thousands of pleased home owners and home sellers over the years. Jillian is one of the strongest working Real Estate professionals out there.