How to Choose a Realtor to Sell Your Home

Finding a great realtor can be a challenging experience for anyone seeking to sell their home. Have you ever had many of the common questions that sellers have about selling their home such as: How do I choose my realtor to sell my home? What makes the difference? What questions do I ask?

There are several techniques you can use to make selling your home the best experience possible and getting the price you deserve on your home. Sellers who neglect spending time and effort in finding an excellent real estate agent often end up with less than desirable offers and disappointment in their final sale price, so it is important to consider what factors will increase the chances of finding an agent who will be the best advocate for you.

Experience Counts

The number one most important item to consider when it comes to choosing a realtor to sell your home is EXPERIENCE! This cannot be repeated enough, as it is truly what separates the ‘good agents’ from the ‘not-so-good agents’ in relation to competence, knowledge and overall service excellence in making The Sale. The National Associates of Realtors puts out stats every year that says “an inexperienced realtor can cost the seller up to 10% of a sales price on your home versus what an experienced would be able to get for you.” It is easy to see from that that 10% on any home, but especially a higher-priced home can add up to huge profits for the seller. Dollars which would essentially be lost due to poor negotiations and / or low listing prices. Therefore, it really does pay to find a realtor with the most experience possible to ensure that you get the best price when selling your home.

Look at the Reviews

Next, you’d want to look at any kind of reviews you can find on your agent. Look at sites such as Zillow and Trulia. Go to the national websites which will help you see how your agent is reviewed by other realtors in the area, by other clients, and clients with past experiences. You are going to see good and bad reviews; this allows you to paint a clearer picture as to whom you should choose to do business with.

Then you’ll want to ask any agents you’re currently considering for an interview. You want to see if their personality type fits, and will work well with your personality. Is this agent aggressive enough? Can they market your home? What is their marketing plan? At The Batchelor Group our marketing plan first and foremost, is to put your home on over 400 websites, do virtual tours, have brochures, have broker opens, have open houses, display you to as many buyers as possible because the more buyers that look at your home, the more buyers that walk through your home the more money you’ll put in your pocket.

Use an Agent with Internet Marketing Expertise

Here’s a fact you may not know… over 80% of buyers initially locate their future home on the Internet? Is your property represented, all over the Internet? Is your data correct online? That’s where knowledge and experience counts for your agent. If your agent is out of town, what happens? Is your agent available? Do they have a team? Do they have other agents that will cover your business? These are very important factors to you. Here at The Batchelor Group Jillian and James Batchelor have over 15 years’ experience in real estate and have a team of five agents as well as five full-time staff members, that are available to meet your needs and sale your home as quickly as possible. We eliminate the number one complaint by many clients in the real estate community… that they cannot reach their agent in a timely manner. Are you able to reach your agent? If you can’t, then you might want to consider a more serious realtor, one who is in business and not using real estate as a part-time hobby. Find someone who really wants to work to earn your business and get you the best deal possible.

Find an Aggressive Agent

Finally, go on a search to find the most aggressive agent to advocate for you? Effectively research to find out how many deals your agent has closed? Have they successfully dealt with your situations similar to yours in the past? Do they know what to do if a problem arises? What is their game plan? Ask your agent all of these questions. Also, what is their marketing plan? You want to see a specific marketing plan on how they intend to list your home, obtain the highest dollar and sell your home. Right now at The Batchelor Group we’re experiencing offers and accepted deals as high as 120% to 125% of the list price. That simply means more money in your pocket. If you have more questions, would like to know what to do with your home, how to get it sold, and want to see one of our marketing plans, please contact us at 702-595-8036. We have referral agents all over the country that would love to help you sale your home. Please contact us and allow us to have a confidential interview to see how we can be of assistance to you.

Key Points
* Finding the right real estate agent to sell your home involves several factors.
* Choosing an experienced agent with good reviews is essential.
* Aggressive agents who know how to close and are highly knowledgeable with Internet marketing will get you the best price for you home.


Jillian Batchelor, and The Batchelor Group, consistently rank in the top 250 Realtors in the Las Vegas Valley. With 11+ years in the Real Estate industry, with thousands of pleased home owners and home sellers over the years. Jillian is one of the strongest working Real Estate professionals out there.