How Reliable Are Zillow Home Estimates For Las Vegas Properties?

Do Not Count on Zestimates!…

Almost every person in the market for a home or looking to list their home will begin their research online. Zillow is the most popular real estate website followed by Yahoo Real Estate and then Trulia. Zillow offers a “Zestimate” which is an evaluation based on computer generated algorithms that are derived from estimates submitted by realtors and property owners marketing homes for rent or sale. The data is never verified and rarely updated after a property is sold or rented. As a result, the information is mostly limited to requested values as opposed to actual values. It is very rare that a Realtor or property owner will report a closed sale or rented home which means that the most critical information needed to arrive at a value is unavailable on Zillow or other sites with similar objectives.

Sellers and buyers need the support of experienced professionals. A real estate professional will produce a property market analysis that is complete with comparable sold properties, active and available listings, homes with pending sales, and property listings that expired and did not result in a successful sale. The well-informed real estate specialist is able to explain why these properties arrived at their current statuses and will know how to protect their clients from costly setbacks as well as delivering accurate estimates of final costs and time frames.

Dedicated real estate agents stay constantly updated with many sources, including Zillow, Yahoo and Trulia. The most successful agents that consistently produce the best outcomes for their clients will rely on their own data which is obtained by working in the real estate business night and day and maintaining the professional connections that guarantee the most up-to-date information. The top real estate professionals will monitor Zillow and other similar sites to stay apprised on what their clients are being told but will seek professional sources to verify the information provided by popular consumer sites.

Real estate transactions that originate from incorrect information may cost large amounts of money, time and heartache. The Batchelor Group in Las Vegas, Nevada is standing by with their team of experts in order to help buyers and sellers make the best real estate decisions which are more important today than ever before. Contact Jillian Batchelor TODAY, to simplify you search with the most accurate information and professional real estate service available.


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