How Can I Buy My Parents a Home

After all the love and support your parents gave you over the years, now it’s your chance to help them. If you find yourself wondering just how you can help and thank them… you should turn to Jillian Batchelor and The Batchelor Group for assistance. What better gift could you offer than helping them to retire in Las Vegas and live in comfort.

First thing course, you will need to look at the needs of your parents, and researching the appropriate communities in the Las Vegas valley will help you along the way.

Establishing what your parents needs is the first step associated with buying them a home. You need to sit down with your parents, talk to them about the situation and discuss the benefits of moving to Las Vegas. Your parents might claim that they don’t need help or additional assistance, but you can explain to them all the amenities our phenomenal city has to offer in its mature communities like Sun City. Once they learn more about Las Vegas, don’t be surprised if they just start packing their bags.

Las Vegas is a great choice for older homeowners. While temperatures can drop low in the winter months, the daytime temperatures are fairly balmy and nice. Those suffering from breathing troubles and other medical conditions will enjoy the warm, dry heat. Your parents will also enjoy spending time in the fantastic restaurants, visiting the local shows and the amazing golf courses.

When you consider purchasing your parents a home in Las Vegas, look at the different communities. Gated communities come with the protection you want for your parents, increasing their daily safety. You’ll also find some communities specially designed for elderly residents. With medical alarm systems, alerts around the house and features like chair lifts, you’ll know that your parents have everything they will need.

Take into consideration the loan products that are available to you as a home buyer. The Federal Housing Administration {FHA} offers loans with a low interest rate, but you can also go through a bank or financial institution.

When you apply for a loan, you will receive a pre-approval notice that tells you, your realtor any seller how much you can borrow, which you can use to produce favorable results when shopping for that new home. Jillian Batchelor and The Batchelor Group have the perfect team that can help you find the right home for you and your parents.


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