A Great New Method To Lease A Home In Las Vegas

Buyers, are you looking to lease to own a home in Las Vegas? Well, there is a company out there now that will lease to own a home for you.

Hello. I’m Jillian Batchelor with The Batchelor Group in Las Vegas, Nevada. We’re so excited about our new alliance, we’re now working with a company that once you are approved through their company to be a lease to own client, they will allow us to take you out to purchase a home. You’ll be shopping for your choice of generally any home out there under $250,000.

All you need to do is come up with the down payment of 4% and possibly your own closing cost if not already covered by the seller in the contract.

What is so exciting about this program is that you aren’t stuck choosing from just the few homes that are out there on the market that are already listed, lease to own, which we all know is generally only about 10 or fewer of the homes. We actually get to go out and pick from any home that’s available to be purchased on the open market.

This company will purchase the home specifically for you, on your behalf. They also give you the opportunity to earn equity every single month until you complete the purchase financing of that home and gives you up to four years to do so.

This is an excellent opportunity for those of you who want to lock in today’s purchase price, but for one reason or another cannot qualify for traditional financing… Maybe you’ve recently had a foreclosure or a short sale or even a bankruptcy or for another reason you just can’t qualify.

So, if you are looking to lease to own a home, The Batchelor Group is here to help you. We are available seven days a week at
http://www.lasvegas1realestate.com, Or you can reach us via the phone at (702) 823-3801.

We would love to work with you and have the opportunity to find your dream home.


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