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Bring Your Realtor When You Buy Your New Home

New homes are sprouting up all over the Las Vegas valley. Sparkling developments are clearly generating significant amounts of home buyer enthusiasm. At the Batchelor Group, we understand the appeal of new homes to today’s buyers.

It is always a good idea to contact your Realtor before looking at any home in a new development. Personal Realtor representation in a new home purchase will ensure important details are addressed before it is too late. Most Realtors are more than willing to view a new home with you upon request.

Seemingly innocuous issues can affect the present and future costs and benefits of home ownership. Making the right deal now will provide for a smoother close of escrow in the short term and a safer investment in the long term. Your personal Realtor will have your back in the following ways:

1. A real estate agent at the new home sales office is the agent of the builder. Although the builder is held to a high ethical standard, the details will always favor the builder.

2. A builder’s real estate agent is often paid by percentage on the highest sales price, leaving no incentive to negotiate the lowest acceptable sales price on behalf of you as a buyer. Your Realtor is only concerned about getting you the best deal.

3. The main objective of the builder’s agent is to sell the homes in the new subdivision on behalf of the builder. Your Realtor can sell you any new home as well as any resale home. The mission of your agent is personal service to you.

4. As a buyer with your own agent, you will not pay anything for the professional advocacy of your personal Realtor.

5. Builders promote their new homes directly to Realtors with incentives that may not be presented directly to buyers. Your Realtor will make sure you will be aware of, and benefit from these incentives.

The Batchelor Group understands the impact of even the smallest details on all home purchases, and we take details seriously. Being a careful home purchaser is more important today than ever before. Call us at 702-823-3801 or visit us online at to be sure your interests in a new home purchase are priority number one.

Is now the right time to buy a home in Las Vegas?

The past 12 to 18 months have given the Las Vegas region a 35 percent average sales price increase in homes sold or on the market. Some areas experienced an increase of as much as 50 percent. Not all areas had such dramatic increases and the large increases of the recent past are definitely corrective. Since home values have mostly recovered, corrective increases have stopped and leveled off to an average price increase of about 12 percent per year.

Many people considering home ownership in Las Vegas are asking our Batchelor Group team members if a home purchase is a smart idea now or if waiting and saving more money for a down payment would be better.

Currently, the Las Vegas Metropolitan region boasts over 7,000 homes for sale with an average of 3500 homes sold per month. These numbers mean that if 3500 more homes are not put on the market in the next month, Las Vegas will run out of available homes to buy within two months. Obviously, more homes will be put on the market, but these numbers tell us that it is getting more competitive for home buyers.

Those who plan to stay in Las Vegas and can afford it should buy a home now. The average increase in home prices for Las Vegas is expected to stay at around 1 percent per month or 12 percent per year in the near future. The 12 percent annual increase on a 200,000 dollar home is 2,000 dollars per month of value. Even if you can save 2,000 dollars per month, waiting to buy this home will cost you 2,000 per month in lost appreciation.

New home builders appreciate the loyal and trusting relationships shared by home buyers and individual Realtors. To help with successful sales to qualified buyers, builders are offering extraordinary incentives of appliances and upgrades to prospective buyers through their Realtors. Make sure you bring your Realtor if you are considering a visit to a brand-new home community.

Low-interest rates and affordable prices are conditions that tell us that now is the right time to buy a home in Las Vegas. Call 702-823-3801 or visit us online at for a private consultation about a home buying process that works for you.

A Great New Method To Lease A Home In Las Vegas

Buyers, are you looking to lease to own a home in Las Vegas? Well, there is a company out there now that will lease to own a home for you.

Hello. I’m Jillian Batchelor with The Batchelor Group in Las Vegas, Nevada. We’re so excited about our new alliance, we’re now working with a company that once you are approved through their company to be a lease to own client, they will allow us to take you out to purchase a home. You’ll be shopping for your choice of generally any home out there under $250,000.

All you need to do is come up with the down payment of 4% and possibly your own closing cost if not already covered by the seller in the contract.

What is so exciting about this program is that you aren’t stuck choosing from just the few homes that are out there on the market that are already listed, lease to own, which we all know is generally only about 10 or fewer of the homes. We actually get to go out and pick from any home that’s available to be purchased on the open market.

This company will purchase the home specifically for you, on your behalf. They also give you the opportunity to earn equity every single month until you complete the purchase financing of that home and gives you up to four years to do so.

This is an excellent opportunity for those of you who want to lock in today’s purchase price, but for one reason or another cannot qualify for traditional financing… Maybe you’ve recently had a foreclosure or a short sale or even a bankruptcy or for another reason you just can’t qualify.

So, if you are looking to lease to own a home, The Batchelor Group is here to help you. We are available seven days a week at, Or you can reach us via the phone at (702) 823-3801.

We would love to work with you and have the opportunity to find your dream home.