Buying A Home In 2014 With Down Payment Assistance In Las Vegas

Today is a great day to buy a home in Las Vegas Nevada. The Batchelor Group has been seeking out the best financing options for buyers who need down payment assistance and has learned the details of every program in the Clark County region. The Batchelor Group is proud to be a team of Realtors that is trained and approved to assist buyers who will surely benefit from these helpful programs. We have become down payment assistant experts for all of the down payment assistance programs available to home buyers in Las Vegas and Clark County Nevada.

There are many homes in Las Vegas that would be a great fit for families with income stability and acceptable credit. These programs are not limited to first timers, people who have owned homes previously can also benefit. It should be no surprise that the down payment requirements are usually the biggest obstacle for deserving home buyers. Today, there are many different choices for those who need down payment assistance and the key is working with a real estate professional who understands how these programs work.

At the top of the list of home buyer assistance programs is the Home at Last program offered by Nevada Rural Housing Authority. The maximum annual income allowed is 95 thousand dollars per year with a maximum home price of $400,000.00 dollars. This program gives down payment grants to buyers of up to 4 percent of the purchase price, a maximum of $16,000.00 dollars. Grants are considered gifts and do not have to be paid back. This wonderful program is for homes in South Summerlin, Blue Diamond, Whitney and other qualified areas.

Other down payment assistance programs include the city of North Las Vegas LIFT program which uses FHA guidelines in conjunction with a silent second mortgage. Nowadays, a silent second refers to a 2nd mortgage that does not require monthly payments. The 2nd mortgages are paid off in full when the home is sold or even forgiven after the buyer has lived in the home for a specified amount of time. Clark County has a program allowing buyers to purchase homes with as little as $1500.00 dollars to invest along with their silent second mortgage offer.

All of the home buyer assistance programs allow buyers to use the additional benefits of the Mortgage Credit Certificate {MCC} program which is a tax credit as opposed to a simple tax deduction and provides enough benefit to help many buyers qualify for larger home loans. The MCC program is for buyers who have not owned homes in the past three years.

Other programs are available and The Batchelor Group is standing by, prepared to answer questions, show homes and submit offers on behalf of buyers.
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