Bring Your Realtor When You Buy Your New Home

New homes are sprouting up all over the Las Vegas valley. Sparkling developments are clearly generating significant amounts of home buyer enthusiasm. At the Batchelor Group, we understand the appeal of new homes to today’s buyers.

It is always a good idea to contact your Realtor before looking at any home in a new development. Personal Realtor representation in a new home purchase will ensure important details are addressed before it is too late. Most Realtors are more than willing to view a new home with you upon request.

Seemingly innocuous issues can affect the present and future costs and benefits of home ownership. Making the right deal now will provide for a smoother close of escrow in the short term and a safer investment in the long term. Your personal Realtor will have your back in the following ways:

1. A real estate agent at the new home sales office is the agent of the builder. Although the builder is held to a high ethical standard, the details will always favor the builder.

2. A builder’s real estate agent is often paid by percentage on the highest sales price, leaving no incentive to negotiate the lowest acceptable sales price on behalf of you as a buyer. Your Realtor is only concerned about getting you the best deal.

3. The main objective of the builder’s agent is to sell the homes in the new subdivision on behalf of the builder. Your Realtor can sell you any new home as well as any resale home. The mission of your agent is personal service to you.

4. As a buyer with your own agent, you will not pay anything for the professional advocacy of your personal Realtor.

5. Builders promote their new homes directly to Realtors with incentives that may not be presented directly to buyers. Your Realtor will make sure you will be aware of, and benefit from these incentives.

The Batchelor Group understands the impact of even the smallest details on all home purchases, and we take details seriously. Being a careful home purchaser is more important today than ever before. Call us at 702-823-3801 or visit us online at to be sure your interests in a new home purchase are priority number one.


Jillian Batchelor, and The Batchelor Group, consistently rank in the top 250 Realtors in the Las Vegas Valley. With 11+ years in the Real Estate industry, with thousands of pleased home owners and home sellers over the years. Jillian is one of the strongest working Real Estate professionals out there.